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A range of pre-finished steel products which have been used for roof and wall cladding systems on countless projects worldwide.

Colorcoat® offers a range of pre-finished steel products and services including expert advice and guidance covering all aspects of metal envelope design, specification and construction.

Over 50 years of manufacturing pre-finished steel products, we have developed technically-leading products and services.

These have extended the aesthetics and performance of pre-finished steel products. They have opened up the potential for their use in inner city, contemporary building for residential, schools and offices, as well as the more traditional industrial and commercial applications.

Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products made in the UK are certified to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard.

Colorcoat® products have been developed specifically to support the aesthetic and functional requirements of modern architecture. The brand includes pre-finished steel products with unique coating formulations offering long-term performance and the most comprehensive guarantees available.

Colorcoat® includes a range of services including guarantees, colour consultancy and expert advice and guidance built up over 50 years. These support the extensive product range and are readily available.

Colorcoat® products are delivered to the market through the leading system manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. Tata Steel has also developed relationships with a number of leading architectural schools and has invested in a centre for building envelope research to support the market.

A Colorcoat® pre-finished steel product from Tata Steel is one that has undergone many years of development and optimisation

For the complete solution for your project Colorcoat® provides a wide and varied range of products including Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® as well as other prefinished steel products.

Each of the individual elements which make up the pre-finished steel product is specially selected to give optimum performance and to work together so that the final product is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Each product is made up of:

In order to adhere an organic paint coat to the metallic surface of the substrate, a thin layer of pre-treatment is used to modify the chemical nature of the surface and provide a ‘key’ for the paint. All elements within a pre-finished steel product are equally important including the pre-treatment.

The best primer and topcoat available are ineffective unless their adhesion to the substrate is ensured for the product’s lifetime by a suitable pre-treatment. All Colorcoat® products have a controlled and consistent pre-treatment.

Most coatings for external applications consist of at least two coats, a primer and topcoat. The function of the primer is to give corrosion protection and optimal adhesion to the substrate. Through 50 years experience in the development and manufacture of Colorcoat® products, Tata Steel has developed the most advanced primers tailored to give maximum protection to the substrate.

Metallic coated steel substrate
The basis of any pre-finished steel product is the steel itself. Steel is generally produced to national or international standards and it is important to ensure that the mechanical properties are those required. For roof and wall cladding products, this is generally considered by the system manufacturer in producing load/span tables.

In terms of the durability of the product, however, it is the coating of the steel substrate which has an effect on lifespan. The type and quality of the metallic coating is often a detail that is overlooked when considering a durable pre-finished steel product. However, significant performance differences do occur.

Tata Steel supplies pre-finished steel products with metallic coatings of hot-dip galvanised (HDG, nominally 99% zinc) and Galvalloy® metallic coating. The metallic coating for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® is Galvalloy®.

HDG is the standard substrate for the majority of pre-finished steel products and also provides the basis of the majority of un-painted steel used in the construction industry, for example, light steel framing. The zinc coating on HDG preferentially corrodes rather than the steel, so the onset of rust at exposed edges and surfaces is delayed, in some cases indefinitely.

Galvalloy® is a metallic coating which consists of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium, and manufactured by Tata Steel under unique process parameters to have optimum corrosion resistance. Galvalloy® is used on the branded pre-finished steel products in the Colorcoat® range to provide the ultimate corrosion resistance, particularly at the cut edges often encountered on roof and wall cladding systems.

The key elements of the organic (paint) coating are polymers and pigments. The polymers, also referred to as resins or binder, are organic-based carriers that chemically surround pigment particles and provide the basis of the continuous organic coating. Pigments are insoluble materials which are dispersed within the polymer to provide colour, opacity and other visual effects as well as corrosion protection.

In the topcoat, pigments are most frequently used for aesthetic reasons. A number of polymer resins can be used to make the topcoat. The polymer chemistry, pigment type and other elements of a paint formulation can have a significant effect on properties.

The Colorcoat® brand is recognised as the exclusive Tata Steel mark of quality and metal envelope expertise. Colorcoat® products are supported by a comprehensive range of services, technical advice and guidance.

The Confidex® Guarantee
For over 25 years the Confidex® Guarantee from Tata Steel has remained best in class. Confidex® is the product performance guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma®, when used in an external conventional building envelope application namely roof and wall cladding using single skin, built-up or composite panel construction in industrial and commercial buildings. Confidex® offers the longest and most comprehensive guarantee for pre-finished steel in Europe.

The Confidex® Guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® has been extended to include cover for areas that are situated under photovoltaic (PV) frame modules*. Providing the building owner with the confidence that installing a PV array will not have a detrimental effect on the performance of the pre-finished steel, and that the entire roof or wall is guaranteed to perform for the same duration of up to 40 years.

Due to the superior aesthetic properties of Colorcoat Prisma® a colour guarantee is uniquely included as part of the Confidex® Guarantee for up to 20 years (see terms and conditions). This includes all 29 standard colours in the range, subject to location and use.

  • For full details about the Confidex® Guarantee periods for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® click here.
  • For full details about the Confidex® Guarantee periods for Colorcoat Prisma® click here.

Registering the Confidex® Guarantee provides you with a direct link to Tata Steel. In the unlikely event of a coating failure during the guarantee period, many years down the line, we can be contacted directly independently of the contractual chain.

Download our Confidex datasheet

CO2 tool

Tata Steel and Oxford Brookes University have developed a building operational carbon calculation tool. Tata Steel can provide calculations which will provide guidance on the effect of changes to:

  • the building envelope
  • inclusion of renewables
  • internal lighting and reflectivity


  • Building CO2 emissions and Part L compliance
  • Building energy use and costs

The tool allows up to 3 different specifications to be compared with the notional and backstop (worst allowable) specifications. This can inform the final figures used for SBEM calculations.

For further information, please contact the Colorcoat Connection® helpline

For specific project calculations, please download and complete the CO2 emissions calculation tool and email it back to Colorcoat.connection@tatasteeleurope.com

Colorcoat® Compass

Colorcoat® Compass is a digital colour system, available via Tata Steel’s building envelope representatives and key Supply Chain Partners. It helps designers to colour match to a specific colour, search the standard and previously matched colours available, or search using RAL colour codes to make an informed colour choice for their Colorcoat® pre-finished steel product selection based on availability, feasibility and level of guarantee. Click here for more information

Repertoire® Colour Consultancy
Tata Steel has established an expert team to help specifiers get the most from Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma®. By phone, on-line or face to face, the Tata Steel team can provide advice and guidance to feed the imagination and inspire design.

The Repertoire® Colour Consultancy can advise on colours and colour strategies using a range of standard shades, as well as discussing individual bespoke colour requirements. Tata Steel can match almost any shade from physical swatches, commonly used references such as RAL, NCS and British Standard through to more unusual standards.

Repertoire® offers much more than just a colour matching service. Our expert team can also provide a wide range of advice and guidance covering:

  • The most appropriate Colorcoat® product choice for the application.
  • How potential planning issues can be overcome with colour strategies.
  • The sourcing of complementary components to complete a project.
  • Product specifications, lead times and order quantity requirements.

 Please note that the minimum order quantity is 2500m2 and only available for solid colours in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.

RIBA Approved CPD seminars

Tata Steel has 50 years' experience in the manufacture of pre-finished steel through the Colorcoat® brand. Concern for the environment in which we work is one of our key business principles.
Our objectives are to adopt sustainable practices and to continuously improve our performance. Colorcoat® provides the recognised mark of quality and metal envelope expertise.

Our expertise and knowledge extends to the following CPD Seminars run by our dedicated specification team:

  1. Colour in the built environment
  2. CDM regulations 2015 and their impact on steel building envelope specification.
  3. Roof mounted photovoltaic systems for non-domestic buildings.
  4. Part L 2013 and future changes: The role of the building envelope in compliance for non-domestic buildings.
  5. Building Integrated Renewable Technologies for non-domestic buildings.
  6. Sustainable low carbon non-domestic buildings.
  7. Steel building envelope systems for non-domestic buildings.
  8. Sustainable refurbishment solutions for non-domestic buildings.
  9. Importance of air-tightness in nondomestic buildings for Part L compliance.
  10. Steel for roof and wall cladding.
  11. Factory tour.
  12. Colorcoat® product update.
  13. Colorcoat Renew SC® transpired solar collector online CPD

CPD’s 1-10 are RIBA approved, and CPD 10 is also RIAI approved.

CPD 12 is a product update only.

For a full list of RIBA approved CPDs and to register your interest click here.

See latest CPD flyer which also includes Colorcoat Renew CPD and CDMM regs.


Colorcoat® hand samples
Hand samples can assist in colour selection and finalising product specification. Please select your chosen Colorcoat® product below to request samples.

Hand samples are available for both Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra Hand Samples and Colorcoat Prisma Hand SamplesColorcoat Prisma® Hand Samples

Colorcoat Connection® helpline
A dedicated helpline offering advice and guidance on metal envelope design, specification and construction. The helpline also includes expert advice on SBEM and Part L from a dedicated Low Carbon Consultant.

Contacting the Colorcoat Connection® helpline:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1244 892434

Email: colorcoat.connection@tatasteeleurope.com

Meet the new face of the Colorcoat Connection® helpline

Inspection and maintenance advice
Tata Steel has 50 years experience in the development and manufacture of pre-finished steel for use within roof and wall cladding systems. This supports the provision of best practice advice for the inspection and maintenance of metal envelopes.

Good inspection and maintenance practice will repay the careful building owner with the best possible performance in terms of appearance, durability and lifespan.

Click here for our inspection and maintenance manual.

Business Development Team
The Colorcoat® business development team is on hand to provide help and advice about choosing the right Colorcoat® product, as well as providing information on roof and wall cladding systems, Part L building regulations and RIBA CPD's.
For contact details of a  BDT member near you, please contact: 01244 892434

Postcode and contact details for BDT team

Practice visits
Our dedicated specification team have over 40 years experience of Colorcoat® products and services and are available for practice visits to advise on:

•    Appropriate Colorcoat® production selection and availability
•    Preparation of NBS+ specifications
•    Maintenance requirements Life Cycle Costing comparisons
•    Sourcing of complementary components to complete a project

Colorcoat® Technical papers

Tata Steel has a long history of providing guidance to assist in the use of pre-finished steel wall and roof cladding system using Colorcoat® Products. This section contains Technical papers produced in conjunction with the SCI, our supply chain partners and Oxford Brookes University. For more information click here.

Colorcoat® Environmental Product Declarations

Tata Steel has an ongoing commitment to reduce CO2 emissions association with pre-finished steel manufacture. This is reflected in the Environmental Product Declarations that we publish and review periodically.
The latest review in 2011 has shown an overall reduction (10-18%) of the environmental impact reported since our initial calculations in 2008.

The EPD’s provide a summary of the environmental performance of each Colorcoat® assessed system using Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® or Colorcoat Prisma® during each stage of it’s life.

With an in-depth knowledge of the environmental impacts of Colorcoat® products and various assessed systems, Tata Steel understand and can support in the optimum design for sustainable building envelope solutions.

*Colorcoat Prisma® Element colours are excluded.

Colorcoat® supply chain partners

Tata Steel has developed close strategic relationships with a number of market leading cladding system manufacturers. Specifying a Colorcoat® product through one of these partners ensures access to the very best technical guidance, quick availability and highest levels of quality and service.

CA Building Products

Founded in 1983, CA Building Products are part of CA Group Limited and are one of the leading metal roofing and cladding systems manufacturers for the industrial, commercial and public sectors, and refurbishment markets in the United Kingdom. For more information click here.


Eurobond Laminates Limited was established in 1981 and is the UK's number one manufacturer and supplier of non-combustible core low risk panel solutions for both external and internal wall applications. For more information click here.


Euroclad is one of the leading UK suppliers of Colorcoat® pre-finished steel specialising in the full range of products available for the building envelope. For more information click here

Euro Quality Cladding

Since its foundation in 1994 EQC, formerly Euroclad Ireland Ltd., has developed into a major Irish manufacturer of profiled metal systems for all sectors of the construction industry. In collaboration with industry leaders in the supply of sophisticated coated metals, non-combustible insulation and associated products EQC offers proven, durable and accredited solutions. For more information click here

Tata Steel

Tata Steel has extensive panel and profiling manufacturing capabilities. We are the only company able to offer a comprehensive range of insulated panels, built-up systems, façades, structural roof and floor decking profiles from one single UK source, with the support and backing of a truly global company and complete supply chain.

With such a diverse product portfolio and over 50 years' experience, we are uniquely able to offer the specifier an unbiased solution to meet the design criteria for any project.

Colorcoat® accredited distributors

Capital Coated Steel, Colorsteels and Euroclad have been evaluated and approved for Accredited Distributor status for Colorcoat® products. The storage, handling, processing and range of Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products have been assessed and found to meet the highest standard of quality and service for supply into the UK.

When specifying Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products for the building envelope it is important to consider the specification of material for other elements of the building. Flashings, soffits, louvres, facias, canopies, and corner details should have the same integrity as the pre-finished steel building envelope and the Colorcoat® product from which they are fabricated.

Tata Steel Accredited Distributors supply all Colorcoat® products, in all popular colours and bespoke quantities, to the quality expected by Tata Steel and our customers.

Capital Coated Steel Ltd

In pre-finished steel, Capital has a long and proud tradition of fulfilling our customers expectations. With three cut to length decoiling lines, coil slitting, shearing and profiling capabilities, we service all the main market sectors for pre-finished steel. For more information click here.


Tata Steels Colorcoat® Service Centre based at Shotton the home of Colorcoat® production for over 50 years.

With extensive experience of developing, processing and distributing pre-finished steels to the construction, domestic appliance and manufactured goods sectors.

Colorsteels are committed to it's service to customers and supplying innovative material solutions that add real value to customers' businesses, no matter how large, small or specialised the requirement. For more information click here. 


Euroclad is the UK's home-grown, independent supplier of metal roof and wall products which provide exceptional acoustic and thermal performance for the life of a building. Products are sustainably credible with proven routes for recycling and disposal. Euroclad listens to the needs of its customers and offers high performance, cost effective solutions. For more information click here.

In addition to our Supply Chain Partners, we also work with a number of external organisations such as Oxford Brookes University, the SCI and the MCMRA.

Colorcoat® Centre for the Building Envelope
Working with one of the largest architectural schools in the UK, Tata Steel has established the Tata Steel Colorcoat® Centre for the Building Envelope at Oxford Brookes University to support research and innovation in the use of pre-finished steel in the building envelope.

The centre will help Tata Steel provide increased assistance for our customers in developing new cladding systems and conduct research to promote the use of pre-finished steel roof and wall cladding systems in the buildings of the future. A key area of focus is how the building envelope can contribute to the aims of sustainable development, with work focusing on minimising operational energy as well as life cycle analysis and the development of modern methods of construction. One example of this work is the extensive programme of physical testing which has been carried out on the air-tightness of cladding joints. The Colorcoat® Centre provides an excellent example of how Tata Steel is working to provide better value for the market.

Development of testing facilities to assess air-tightness
The Tata Steel Colorcoat® Centre for the Building Envelope, based in Oxford, has developed one of the world’s most advanced testing facilities for assessing the air-tightness of building details. Using this it is possible to simulate real life detailing issues and determine the effect on whole building air-tightness. This will be Invaluable in helping architects and contractors comply with the changes to Part L (2006) Building regulations. In developing these testing facilities with Oxford Brookes Architectural School, Tata Steel believes the results will be used to provide more airtight building details, reducing energy-in-use for the client and future-proofing commercial developments from uncertain fuel prices. Results of this study can be found in the Colorcoat® Technical Paper "Creating an air-tight building envelope".

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