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Colorcoat Urban® is a quick fit roof and wall cladding system, specifically developed to offer fast, simple on-site installation.

Colorcoat Urban® Standing Seam steel roof and wall cladding system is a lightweight, strong and versatile alternative to traditional building materials.

Seven times lighter than standard roof tiles Colorcoat Urban® is a great choice for new build, refurbishment or extensions. There is no limit to the variety of shapes and forms that can be achieved, all designed meticulously to help you create a stunning exterior or roof, whether you are looking to stand out from the crowd, blend seamlessly in with your surroundings or transform your existing build into something more modern. 

Made in the UK

Manufactured in Shotton, North Wales, Colorcoat Urban® is manufactured using the renowned Colorcoat Prisma® or Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel from Tata Steel, favoured by self-builders and developers for the stunning aesthetic finish they provide, with contemporary colours suited to both urban and rural homes. Quick build times are possible with neat crisp finishes to complete design and build choices.

New Confidex® Home Guarantee

As the systems continue to increase in popularity, Tata Steel has launched the Confidex® Home Guarantee for the UK and Ireland – which is valid for 25 years to provide homeowners with assurance of the building material’s performance used in the Colorcoat Urban® standing seam system.

Exposure to sunlight, extreme weather or coastal environments are all critical external factors that roofs and walls have to resist to maintain performance over time.  Tata Steel is so confident in the performance of Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® based on extensive testing of  both products in laboratories and weathering sites around the world, that Confidex® Home is offered irrespective of where the material is installed (roof or walls) or where the home is situated.

This means that those who choose to build their new home in a rural or coastal location are still eligible for the 25-year guarantee. This is a significant inclusion, for often the length or assurance of a guarantee will differ depending on the environment in which the product is located – a true testament to the performance of Tata Steel’s pre-finished steel.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Quick fit system with invisible fixings, reduces installation time on site compared with traditional roofing products;
  • Can be installed on a roof with a pitch as low as 5 degrees;
  • Seven times lighter than traditional roof tiles;
  • Available in a range of colours designed to blend with the landscape, including colour matched gutters and fascias;
  • Robust Confidex® Home Guarantee for 25 years upon registration;
  • Low maintenance;
  • BRE Green Guide A+ rated product, and 100% recyclable at end of life;
  • Backed by independent testing and BBA certification;
  • Meets Class 0 ‘low risk’ fire classification requirements of the UK Building Regulations and when used as part of a roof cladding system, has a  Class AA /B roof (t4) performance rating according to BS 476 Part 3 / EN1187 and meets all UK roofing application requirements.

This is one roof and wall cladding system that will turn your concept into reality, from the smallest to the most ambitious.

For the complete solution for your project Colorcoat Urban® provides a wide and varied range of products including Urban Seam®, gutters, fascia, plank profiles, roof and wall fabrications, bespoke fabrications, and accessories that are all designed to help you create an innovative, strong, durable, high performance, low maintenance home that you can be proud of.

The beauty of steel

Colorcoat Urban® standing seam provides a showcase modern aesthetic for urban roofs. There is no limit to the shape and form that can be achieved and choosing the right profile is crucial, particularly in relation to the size of the build. 

The innovative Urban Seam® profile is ideal for houses, apartments, public and commercial buildings, schools, and sports pavilions. Its inherent light weight and strength make it ideal for new build, refurbishment, temporary buildings and over roofing applications.

Available in the Colorcoat Urban® colour range that has been inspired by architects specifically for the urban environment, the natural colours blend with the urban landscape as well as making a bold statement for sustainable urban design in contemporary building. The ability to achieve a stable colour ensures a consistent even tone, which most other roofing materials are unable to achieve.

Ease of installation

Our quick fit system is provided with invisible fixings and has been developed specifically to offer fast, simple, on-site installation.  We can provide technical assistance at the design stage and at the start of the installation, and supply the necessary equipment for installation.

Colorcoat Urban® roof and wall panels must be installed in accordance with our recommended requirements and all installers must be Tata Steel trained and approved. We offer a free training course to all installers to ensure every installation achieves the maximum performance.

Developed to require little to no maintenance, providing complete peace of mind

All manufacturing processes are carefully controlled to the highest environmental quality standards and are ISO 14001 certified.

Durability: The durability of Colorcoat Urban® is derived from its metallic coated substrate and the high performing three paint coat system, all brought together in a carefully controlled, ISO 9001 approved manufacturing process, to deliver the very best quality and performance.

BBA Certification: Colorcoat Urban® roof and wall panels are certified by The British Board of Agrément, following extensive internal testing and validation of the products.  The roof and wall panel have been assessed by the BBA as being fit for their intended use provided they are installed, used and maintained as set out in Certificate No. 09/4698 – Sheet 1 covering the roof panel and Sheet 2 covering the wall panel.

CE Marking: Colorcoat Urban® is CE Marked in accordance with harmonised European Standard BS EN 14783: 2006 for the roof panel (514mm and 305 mm cover width).

Meets Class 0 ‘low risk’ fire classification requirements of the UK Building Regulations and when used as part of a roof cladding system, has a Class AA /B roof (t4) performance rating according to BS 476 Part 3 / EN1187 and meets all UK roofing application requirements.

Rainwater harvesting: Suitable for grey water collection, inspiring the confidence to broaden the number of uses for collected water, for example clothes washing.

Wind Uplift deflection values: Specification of the 305mm/514mm wide panel is dependent on location, wall height, storey height and roof pitch. A structural engineer should complete a wind uplift calculation for your specific area before making any final decision. 

Weather-tightness: When incorporated into a cladding system designed and installed in accordance with conventional good practice will adequately resist the passage of moisture. 

BBA certified to look good and perform well in excess of 40 years. 

Tata Steel recognises that truly sustainable appeal comes from excellent aesthetics, performance and eco-credentials. Colorcoat Urban® satisfies the heart, mind and eye by providing a sustainable solution.

Colorcoat Urban® has been developed using eco-design principles, aimed at minimising the environmental impact of the product from raw material production all the way though to re-use or recycling.

Steel is infinitely recyclable with zero degradation in materials properties when recycled – unlike nearly all of the other construction materials. It also contains more than 25% recycled steel content.  All manufacturing processes are carefully controlled to the highest environmental quality standards and are ISO 14001 certified.

Tata Steel is the largest company to achieve BES 6001. All Colorcoat® material had achieved a ‘Very good’ rating under the BREs sustainable procurement framework, providing assurance that you are specifying a sustainable product which can help increase the potential for obtaining credits under the Responsible Sourcing of Materials section of BREEAM.

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