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27 May 2020

50000 Confidex® Guarantees

Signifying a landmark moment, Tata Steel has recently issued its 50,000th Confidex® Guarantee - renowned as being one of the most comprehensive pre-finished steel guarantees in the industry.

First introduced back in 1992, the Confidex® Guarantee has for many years formed a valued part in the service offering made available directly to building owners. The issuing of the 50,000th Confidex Guarantee signifies a landmark moment, representing the many specifiers, building owners and contractors who have already received the peace of mind and assured levels of performance that the guarantee provides.


The most comprehensive guarantee for pre-finished steel in Europe, Confidex® is offered on Tata Steel’s Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® branded products. Unlike alternative material guarantees that can be notoriously complex or are offered in conjunction with a series of restrictions and exclusions, Confidex® was developed to be refreshingly straight forward.

The Confidex® Guarantee is valid for up to 40 years - a testament to Colorcoat® branded products unique manufacturing process and excellent levels of resistance against corrosion or delamination, as has been proven with the comprehensive external weathering and accelerated corrosion testing regime. Unlike alternative guarantees, Confidex® covers factory cut edges for the entirety of the guarantee period, is fully transferable should the building ownership change and also provides full remedial action in the unlikely event of a coating failure.  Furthermore, Confidex® is uniquely a legal contract direct between Tata Steel and the building owner.

The guarantee is also not restricted in terms of location – both geographically speaking (i.e. coastal versus inland - with the coastal definition being within 1km of any coast) and where on a building the Colorcoat® steel is installed.



Speaking about the milestone,  Michel Groen,  Customer Technical Services Manager at Tata Steel commented: “The issuing of our 50,000th Confidex Guarantee is a truly significant moment in the history of Confidex®, not only for our Colorcoat® team here at Tata Steel but also to all of our customers and their clients who have so far benefitted from the guarantee and its assurance of high levels of performance. Here’s to the next 50,000!”

To learn more about the Confidex® Guarantee, please visit click here.

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