Fallstudien Technovium


Client: Technovium
Architect: AGS & Partners
Consulting engineer: Corsmit Raadgevend Ingenieurs
Main contractor: Hurks van der Linden
Steelwork contractor: Liket Metaalbouw B.V.
Deck supply/design: Dutch Engineering r.i. B.V.
Decking system: ComFlor® 80 Active

The challenge

A partnership between businesses and educational institutions, Technovium is a stunning new technical training facility situated next to Heyendaal Station. Offering primary/secondary and secondary/higher vocational education, it aims to improve the skill base and competitiveness of the Nijmegen region.

Designed by architects AGS & Partners to deliver state of the art facilities in a sustainable way, the Technovium construction required a floor solution which could provide large, clear open floor spaces. It also needed to allow the building to be heated and cooled with a minimum of environmental impact. 

The solution

The semi-floating floors at Technovium, installed by Liket Metaalbouw B.V. , feature over 4,000m2 of ComFlor® 80 Active and provide active heating and cooling to the building.

Manufactured from high-grade S450 steel, ComFlor® 80 is a lightweight yet strong composite decking system that can create large, clear open floor spaces with minimum floor to floor heights. It results in less structural steel being required and thus leads to significant cost savings.

By permitting circulation of cool or warm water through a network of pipes embedded in the concrete, ComFlor® Active facilitates truly sustainable control of building temperature without a heavy reliance on carbon intensive fuels. Thermally active slab floors provide high comfort levels, increased floor space due to the elimination of radiators, and a self-regulating, energy efficient system that provides cooling and heating in a single package.