Building Envelope Trisobuild® wall systems

Trisobuild® wall systems

An attractive and economic range of steel wall profiles to meet the aesthetic requirements of the designer

Trisobuild® systems comprise of a pre-finished steel trapezoidal liner profile, a spacer system, an insulation layer and a Colorcoat® pre-finished steel external weathering profile. The wide range of profiles offer total design flexibility.  

Trisobuild systems have excellent sustainability credentials, for example they are all certified to BES 6001, the BRE responsible sourcing standard. The system can also boast low levels of air permeability and good thermal performance over the life of the building, which is due to the quality of components used and proven performance. This reduces energy costs, carbon emission rates and facilitates compliance with Building Regulations.

To download our BIM objects for this product group, please click on the “Download BIM Objects” tab below.

  • The Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products that our wall profiles are manufactured from have been tested in accordance with BS EN 14782 to provide the specifier with the peace of mind of specification declarations and that the components meet the legal requirements set out in the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and are affixed with a CE mark.
  • Easily handled on site without specialist mechanical equipment, due to its lightweight components. This is important on sites with limited access.
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval to LPS 1181 part 1 for fire performance, helps to lower insurance premiums.
  • Fire resistance performance of up to 60 minutes insulation and 4 hours integrity are achievable, with standard installation methods.
  • Full traceability of all component materials and certified ‘very good’ to BRE’s responsible sourcing standard BES 6001.
  • Certification to BES 6001 provides independent evidence of our corporate responsibility, and helps increase credits under the Responsible Sourcing of Materials section of BREEAM.
  • An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available for all the Trisobuild® system solutions.
  • Manufactured in factory conditions operating to quality management standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015, environmental management standard BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and occupational health and safety management scheme BS EN ISO 18001:2007.


Wall profile range

Profile Material
Max. load for a 1.5m span Max.
Imposed load (kN/m2) Wind suction load (kN/m2)
131/2/3 Steel
(H, HDS, P, LG & Z)
0.7 6.90 1.01 1.60 1.94 1.01 1.60 1.94 8000 N/A Yes
(MF, SA & CA)
0.9 3.05 0.48 1.15 1.15 0.48 1.15 1.15 8000 N/A Yes***
CL19 Steel
(H, HDS, P, LG & Z)
0.5 4.53 0.53 0.74 0.89 0.79 0.84 1.05 10000 350 No
(H, HDS, P, LG & Z)
0.7 6.34 0.91 1.35 1.64 1.22 1.50 1.88 10000 400 Yes***
(H, HDS, P, LG & Z)
0.5 4.83 1.37 0.92 1.09 1.38 1.37 1.71 16000 400 No
(H, HDS, P, LG & Z)
0.7 6.77 2.38 1.74 2.09 2.46 2.38 2.98 16000 400 Yes***
(MR only)
(MF, SA & CA)
0.9 2.99 1.49 1.58 1.89 1.45 2.31 2.89 16000 1000 Yes***
(MR only)
C46 Steel
(H, HDS, P, LG & Z)
0.5 5.25 1.78 1.26 1.47 3.45 3.08 3.86 16000 400 No
(H, HDS, P, LG & Z)
0.7 7.36 3.67 2.44 2.86 5.82 5.50 6.88 16000 400 Yes***
(MF, SA & CA)
0.9 3.25 2.99 2.10 2.44 2.99 2.06 2.39 16000 1000 Yes***

Key:                                                                     For an up to date list of our standard colours please contact our sales department.

H – Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®
HDS - Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® double sided
P – Colorcoat Prisma®
LG – Colorcoat® LG
Z – Architectural polyester
MF – Mill finish aluminium
SA – Stucco embossed aluminium**
CA – Pre painted aluminium**

*   Measured to inside face.
**  Subject to minimum order quantities.
*** For horizontal cladding Tata Steel recommend the allowable variation in the outer flange level of the cladding rail with respect to a vertical datum line is L/600 (where L is the rail spacing).

The factory curved data relates to a single convex curve. For further information regarding double or wave curves please contact our technical department.

Our Platinum® Plus system guarantee offers coverage for up to 30 years. Simply fill in your project details using our easy-to-use online specification tool or contact us directly.

We understand that complex buildings need tailored solutions, so our online specification tool has been designed by our technical team to help you create the right specification to suit the needs of your project, making sure all roofing and cladding components listed and are compatible and perform as a system. It also stores all the specifications you create for ease of access in ‘my projects’.

Creating a Platinum® Plus specification give you free access to our technical team that will support you from design to completion – including those all-important final checks during installation.

Platinum® Plus incorporates only the highest quality components that are designed to do what they say but also provide you with unrivalled choice and flexibility in the specification of your building envelope. The many benefits and reassurance it provides is what sets it apart from all other guarantees, making it the number one choice for complete peace of mind to truly lower the cost of ownership throughout the life of the building.

The Platinum Plus system guarantee needs to be registered by the specifier prior to the tender package being distributed. To find out more click here, alternatively please contact our technical team so that we can help you to guarantee the longevity of your building on +44 (0) 1244 892199.

Thermal performance

Trisobuild® systems comply with the Building Regulations (Approved Document Part L2 – England Wales & Technical Handbook 6 – Scotland). All quoted system U-values and construction ‘psi’ and f values have been computer modelled in accordance with EN ISO 10211 as stated in MCRMA Technical Note 14 by trained and experienced technical engineers.

Fire performance

The Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products used within the Trisobuild system meet the requirements the Building Regulations Approved Document B for internal and external surfaces.

Trisobuild systems can also offer a Grade EXT-B and EXT-A approval by the LPCB together with fire resistance of up to 60 minutes insulation and 4 hours integrity.

Trisobuild® systems can offer a wide variety of sound reduction and sound absorption solutions, using variations in liner and insulation specification.

Many assemblies have been tested through independent acoustic laboratories. We have further test data and the ability to offer predicted performance ratings using software developed by the Department of Applied Acoustics, University of Salford and the Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA).

Please contact us and provide details of your requirements to the technical department and our engineers will work with you to develop a solution to achieve the performance levels necessary.

Our dedicated building envelope technical team are available to provide support and advice on the best product for your project. They are on hand to help with:

  • Detail design.
  • Wind and snow loading.
  • U-value calculations.
  • Load span checks.
  • Acoustic SRI predictions.
  • Specification writing.
  • Advice on meeting Building Regulations, maximising BREEAM credits.
  • Assistance with SBEM.
  • Condensation risk analysis.
  • Assistance in product testing.

Inhouse CPD seminars - Primarily aimed at engineers and architects, these free seminars last around 50 minutes, ending with a question & answer session and are delivered by our experienced regional teams. Topics include:

  • Structural roof deck in construction
  • Composite floor deck in construction
  • Sustainable steel cladding refurbishment solutions
  • Factory tour of Insulated panel lines

To request a CPD seminar please click here.

BIM: The way you want it

The DNA Profiler has been designed to allow you to access Tata Steel’s product information (3d parametric objects & data) how you want, when you want, to the level of detail you want, in the format you want.

Product Name Link
Trisobuild C19 Trapezoidal 0.475mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C19 Trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C19 Trapezoidal 0.9mm Aluminium BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32 Trapezoidal 0.475mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32 Trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32 Trapezoidal 0.9mm aluminium BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32MR Trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild C32MR Trapezoidal 0.90mm aluminium BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R13.5/3 Sinusoidal 0.475mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R13.5/3 Sinusoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler

In addition to our DNA Profiler, you can access our BIM content at

Product Name Link
Trisobuild Vertical Wall system BIM Object
Trisobuild Vertical Fire Wall system BIM Object
Trisobuild Horrizontal Wall system BIM Object

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