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FischerTHERM roof

FischerTHERM elements are made up of two cover sheets from coil-galvanised and plastic coated steel sheet with a core from polyurethane rigid foam free from CFC and HCFC.

These Fischer Profil components are extremely lightweight yet offering an enhanced rigidity for large spans. FischerTHERM components provide outstanding thermal insulation and can be swiftly and easily installed.

FischerTHERM roof elements with their large lower chords can be walked on during installation. A large overlap of the longitudinal joint with an additional labyrinth seal prevents surface water from penetrating.

FischerTHERM elements are provided with fine auxiliary drilling grooves to prevent the drill from slipping off which might lead to damaging the plastic coating.


FischerTHERM roofAll

  Sheet thickness
Outer skin ta[mm]
Sheet thickness
Inner skin ti[mm]
Panel gauge
Panel length
max. L [m]
Panel weight
Heat transmission
coefficient U [W/(m2K)]
DL70 0,55 0,45 70 26,4 10,5 0,69
DL80 0,55 0,45 80 26,4 10,9 0,54
DL100 0,55 0,45 100 26,4  11,7 0,38
DL120 0,55 0,45 120 26,4  12,5 0,29 
DL140 0,55 0,45 140 26,4  13,4 0,23 
DL160 0,55 0,50 160 26,5  14,0 0,20 
DL180 0,55 0,50 180 26.5 15,1 0,16

1.) empfohlene max. Länge

FischerTHERM elements are suitable for various building projects where swift installation and good thermal insulation as well as an attractive design are required. The elements may be used as outer sheets for walls and roofs.


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