Building Envelope Kalzip perforated façades

Kalzip perforated façades

Perfectly suited to both new build and refurbishment projects.

Kalzip perforated façades offer an innovative solution to the upgrading or enhancement of a building through the creative use of light. Without compromising the structural integrity of the building envelope, it is ideal for cantilever roofs, car park screening, or to simply add subtle detail to large elevations and provides numerous aesthetic and practical advantages.

Offered in aluminium, Kalzip perforated facades provide superb flexibility and a cost-effective solution. Available in a number of Kalzip standing seam profiles and TF façade system, they feature a choice of perforations, with each profile subject to a slightly different grid pattern based on hole diameters and spacings. Through the coordination of light, shape and texture, Kalzip perforated façades are a simple yet elegant solution for creating striking designs.

Material - EN AW-3004 or EN AW-6025

Load bearing capacity - Load bearing values in accordance with DIN 18807, depending on the perforation pattern of the profiled sheet.

Substructure - Horizontal/vertical girders or spacing elements.

Kalzip profiles

 Rv 3-5Rv 3.5-5Rv 3-6Rv 4-6Rv 6-8Rv 6-13.86Rv 5-12Perforation
50/333 P         44.9% 15.0%   in lower flange
65/305 P         44.3%     in lower flange
65/333 P 28.8%       44.9%     in lower flange
65/400 P 29.7%       45.4%     in lower flange
65/500 P 29.8%             in lower flange
AF 65/434 P   32.7% 16.8%         in lower flange

Kalzip trapezoidal and corrugated profiles

 Rv 3-5Rv 3.5-5Rv 3-6Rv 4-6Rv 6-8Rv 6-13.86Rv 5-12Perforation
W 18/76 P 32.7%       51.0%   15.8% full surface
TR 30/167 P 32.7%       51.0%   15.8% full surface
TR 35/200 P 32.7%       51.0%   15.8% full surface
TR 40/185 P 32.7%       51.0%   15.8% full surface
TR 45/150 32.7%       51.0%   15.8% full surface
TR 50/167 P 32.7%       51.0%   15.8% full surface
TF 37/800R P       19.5% 25.2%     in lower flange
Straight Convex Curved Concave Curved

Kalzip roof and cladding systems are available in a host of finishes and materials. In addition to aluminium, the system is offered in special finishes like AluPlusZinc or AluPlusPatina as well as standard stucco-embossed finish.

With the very latest surface finishing and processing technology Kalzip offers an almost unlimited choice of colours in a range of effects and finishes.

Colour coated Kalzip aluminium products meet the stringent demands of modern building technology and design with regards to colour fastness, adhesion and resistance against aggressive substances and environments, and are available in a wide variety of standard RAL colours with a choice between high quality polyester or PVdF coatings.

Together with aluminium, Kalzip in stainless steel and copper give even more choice to the discerning architect or planner.


Kalzip profiled sheets are available in three standard pre-coated systems:

  • Polyester coil coated
  • Abrasion resistant coated (ARS)
  • Polyvinylidene flouride (PVdF)
  • HighPerformanceCoating (HPC)

Kalzip profiled sheets are available in a natural and pre-weathered natural and coloured finish:

  • Natural Aluminium in Stucco embossed
  • AluPlusPatina natural Aluminium
  • AluPlusPatina 


AluPlusZinc with the aesthetic appeal of zinc.


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