Building Envelope MONTALINE® cladding profiles

MONTALINE® cladding profiles

Interesting design possibilities for architects and planners

MONTALINE® cladding profiles provide the basis for an elegant façade on which no fasteners can be seen. MONTALINE® cladding profiles are also available with double-sided bended ends. This gives the façade the character of a high-priced flat panel façade.

The various overall widths up to 400mm and the use of glass elements combined with metal or concave/convex rounded MONTALINE® profiles produce interesting design possibilities for architects and planners.

With their sophisticated design, with or without joints, and hidden fastening system, MONTALINE® profiles are visually different to trapezoidal or corrugated profiles. They are often used on industrial and administrative premises, as well as residential buildings.

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MONTALINE® cladding profilesML 26 200 F

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ML 26/200 0.70 mm Alu BIM DNA Profiler
ML 26/200 0.70 mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
ML 26/200 0.75 mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
ML 26/200 0.80 mm Alu BIM DNA Profiler
ML 26/200 0.80 mm steel BIM DNA Profiler

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