Pre-finished steel Colorcoat® EGP

Colorcoat® EGP

A cost effective plastisol product suitable for use as roofing and cladding where good performance is needed.

  • 200 microns durable and wear-resistant coating
  • Available in Leathergrain, Strike and Woodgrain emboss
  • Only available in standard colours in standard sizes
  • Woodgrain finish is available in a limited number of colours
  • Galvanised substrate with a Zinc metallic coating offering very good corrosion resistance
  • High performance reverse side backing coat specifically formulated for construction applications

Colorcoat® EGP is carefully manufactured in a controlled process to ensure consistent quality. The use of Colorcoat® EGP in aggressive environments is not recommended. For optimal performance, supported by the Confidex® Guarantee, always specify Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® by Tata Steel.

Tata Steel has a range of Colorcoat® products suitable for different environments and applications.

Properties  Test standard
Nominal organic
coating thickness
(μm)* 200 EN 13523-1
Gloss (60°) (%) 20 - 35 EN 13523-2
Scratch resistance (g) > 3500 EN 13523-12
Abrasion resistance
(Taber, 250 rev, 1kg,
CS10 wheels)
(mg) < 12 EN 13523-16
Minimum bend radius
(T) 0T@16°C EN 13523-7
Adhesion (T) 0T EN 13523-7
Reverse impact (J) > 18 EN 13523-5
Maximum continuous
operating temperature
(°C) 60 Tata Steel
Corrosion resistance:
Salt spray
(uur) 1000 EN 13523-8
Corrosion resistance:
(uur) 1000 EN 13523-26
Reaction to fire
  C-S3-d0 EN 13523-1

*μm = micron

General notes
1. The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a specification.

A 10 year performance guarantee is available on request for standard colours. This guarantee is only applicable for buildings in Western Europe North of 46 degrees latitude.


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