Advantages of composite floors

Composite floors offer significant advantages related to speed of construction and reduced overall construction depth.

Decking craned into position prior to laying out manually

Decking craned into position prior to laying out manually.


The principal advantage of composite floors compared with other systems is that of speed and ease of construction. A typical construction sequence would be as follows:

  • erect steel frame
  • position and fix sheeting (these are normally man-handled into place and require no cranage other than to lift them in bundles onto each floor)
  • fix supplementary reinforcement
  • cast concrete

Once the units have been placed, a working platform is provided which facilitates the remaining stages of construction and also allows work to continue on lower storeys in relative safety. There is therefore a considerable improvement in speed of construction compared with traditional slab forms. A further implicit advantage of this system is that overall construction depth is reduced because of the relatively short spans used.

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