Design software

We have a comprehensive suite of free software programs dedicated to providing assistance in the design of steel intensive buildings.

The goal of our software development program is to grant easy access to a range of tools to assist in the selection or specification of our products.  

In addition to the software below we also have
The Blue Book App - a new Advance Sections app from the Apple iTunes Store providing access to the Blue Book
RoofDek Selector
- a quick selector for sizing Tata Steel structural roof decking
Acoustic Performance Prediction Tool
 - for predicting the performance of steel wall and floor construction systems

The BCSA also have a useful suite of design software tools on their wikipedia style website which can be found by clicking software and tools

The software tools that can be found there include:-

Member Design Tools  
Compression resistance
Bending resistance 
Columns in simple construction
Combined axial compression and bending resistance
Resistance of beams at elevated temperature
Resistance of columns at elevated temperature 
Composite beam checking tool (to the Eurocodes)

Connection Design Tools
Base plate designer
Partial depth end plate designer
Wind load calculator

Bridge Tools
Preliminary bridge design charts
Bridges carbon calculator


FABSEC FBEAM3.1 is a feature packed composite beam design program that enables you to create composite and non-composite cellular beams with or without a period of fire resistance.

ComFlor® V9 Software analyses deep (SD225 and CF210) and shallow (CF46, CF51+, CF60, CF80 and CF100) decks in composite floor construction under a wide range of loading configurations.

The 'blue book' is an electronic version of the SCI Blue Book. It includes information on the Advance®, Celsius® and Hybox® range of sections in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-1 as well as BS 5950-1:2000.

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