Tubular piles

Tubular piles possess high column buckling strength and energy absorbing capability which make them particularly suited to marine construction for jetties, piers and dolphins where the piles project above sea-bed level.

Tubes are available in an extensive range of diameters and wall thicknesses to suit all situations; large diameter tubular piles offer extremely high load carrying for infrastructure projects and small diameter tubes can be utilised to underpin domestic properties.

Benefits include:

  • High load capacity;
  • High column buckling strength and energy absorbing capability;
  • Preformed at works and no preparation required at site before driving;
  • Large range of sizes and thicknesses available;
  • Wall thickness can be varied throughout the pile length;
  • Can be driven hard and are difficult to damage;
  • Easy to shorten or lengthen;
  • Low resistance to open channel flow.

Properties Tables

Circular Hollow Sections

Large Circular Hollow Sections

Jumbo Circular Hollow Sections

Rectangular Hollow Sections

Square Hollow Sections


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