H or Bearing piles

Bearing piles are the ideal solution when foundations are required for complex structures or where the ground conditions are difficult. The properties of steel mean that they can be used to resist tensile as well as compressive loads and they can be designed for bending

They are ideally suited to hard driving through difficult ground conditions eg silty, fine, water bearing sand containing cobles and boulders/ dense sands and gravels/ glacial till and are particularly effective when founded on rock or a similar hard stratum.

Benefits include:

  • The piles provide excellent impact resistance and high strength in both compression and tension;
  • The piles have guaranteed section properties along their entire length which can be verified before incorporation into the works;
  • The piles are delivered ready for installation and can be loaded immediately after driving;
  • The pile allows steel H piles to nest together making site storage easy, minimising soil displacement during installation but maximises the surface area of pile in contact with the soil;
  • The open profile allows H piles to be installed close to other piles and existing buildings without detriment;
  • Steel piles can be easily extended or shortened on site if required;
  • Steel piling offers a very environmentally responsible solution for structural foundations.

Tata Steel produces a range of sizes from 203 x 203 x 45 kg/m up to 356 x 368 x 174 kg/m.

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