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Tata Steel offers its customers an extensive range of steel piles from H bearing piles and tubular sections for load carrying situations, to cold formed sheet piles where soil retention is required. Although Tata Steel does not manufacture hot rolled sheet piles some information is included in this section to assist the Engineer with a total steel solution.

The advantages of steel piles arise from three features: the steel from which they are manufactured, their shape and the fact that they are preformed and ready for immediate use when delivered to site.

Steel has high strength in compression and tension, very good impact strength and uniform properties. It is thus a particularly suitable material for driven piles as high tensile as well as compressive forces are involved and as driving involves dynamic loading, impact strength is significant. Steel piles may therefore be hit hard without suffering damage.

There are advantages resulting from the shape of steel bearing piles. Depending on the type, these relate to minimum soil disturbance, high penetration, good column properties and high bending strength and stiffness.

Steel piles are preformed ready for use from material of uniform quality within standard manufacturing tolerances. They are unaffected by site conditions such as the quality of labour or the weather, both of which may influence some other types of pile. No preparation is required at site so they can be driven immediately after delivery, and they may be loaded as soon as they are installed. There is no waiting period as with in-situ concrete. Similarly, no delay is necessary before driving close to another pile because there is no possibility of damaging it.

Piles can be supplied to any length, the maximum being limited only by transport. On site, the final length of a pile can be made to suit requirements either by flame cutting or welding. For instance, very long final pile lengths are possible by jointing, and variable soil conditions requiring different final lengths are easily achieved by jointing or cutting.

Steel piles can be installed using impact hammers, pile vibrators and pressing techniques dependant upon site conditions and whether noise and vibration need to be limited. Raking piles are simple to drive.

Integrity or soundness of a pile after installation is assured and load testing is simple to carry out and can be done immediately after driving. Adjacent piles can be used in tension in place of kentledge.

More information can be found at the website of the Steel Piling Group,

The Steel Piling Group consists of consultants, contractors, manufacturers and researchers and provides a forum for discussion of, and an outlet for the dissemination of, steel piling knowledge to the construction industry at large. Its objectives are to promote the use of steel piling by working on the development of codes and standards, supporting research and development of steel piling, and assisting with the understanding of design approaches and construction details



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