Durbar plate

Durbar floor plate is a hot-rolled structural steel that has been designed to give excellent slip resistance on its upper surface.

This is achieved by having an evenly distributed raised pattern that is integral to the sheet.

The plate has excellent welding and forming properties.


  • Slip-resistant surface at all angles
  • Self draining surface
  • Ease of cleaning reduces corrosion
  • Economical for stairs, bridges, containers and plant rooms
  • Manufactured to EN ISO 9001


Limitation of use statement

EN10025-1:2004 CE Approved Factory Production Control Certificate 0038/CPD/20060004/A (Limitations of Use "Floor Plate Applications")

"All sales of Durbar are made on and subject to Tata Steel UK Limited’s standard conditions  of sale for deliveries worldwide. The latest version of these conditions is available at: www.tatasteeleurope.com/en/disclaimer/sales_conditions".

Construction Hotline

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Steel specifications

Durbar floor plate is available in a wide range of British, National and International standard steel specifications.

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Standard sizes

Sizes other than those listed above are available if they represent a reasonable tonnage per size. Non-standard sizes are available within the size range shown.

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Design of Durbar plate

Durbar is a non-slip raised pattern floor plate of integral manufacture (the pattern is rolled in not welded). The "tear drop" studs are distributed to give maximum slip resistance in a variety of applications whilst ensuring a free draining surface.

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