The introduction of the Eurocodes will be the largest single change in codified design in living memory.

Tata Steel is actively supporting designers through this transition period, and is working with its partners (the BCSA and the Steel Construction Institute) on a number of Eurocode initiatives. has been developed by Tata Steel, the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) and the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) to provide information on a wide range of topics relevant to steel construction and one of these is the design of structural steel to Eurocodes.

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Information on the design of steel framed buildings to the Eurocodes

Literature on steel framed buildingdesign to Eurocodes

A CPD on an Introduction to EC3 is available as either an in-house presentation or as an online version


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General information on steel bridgesincluding materials selection and design

Literature on steel bridge design to Eurocodes

Preliminary Bridge Design Charts:- an easy to use spreadsheet tool has been created by Atkins for the BCSA and Tata Steel to provide initial estimates of flange areas and web thicknesses for typical steel composite bridge cross sections. It is consistent with the latest SCI guidance on composite highway bridge design, and the plate sizes were derived using the Eurocodes and relevant UK National Annexes.

NCCI's:-  Non-Contradictory Complimentary Information
Non-contradictory Complementary Information (NCCI) is referred to by the UK National Annex to Eurocode EN 1993 and provides support on using the Eurocodes and useful guidance that isn't found in the Eurocodes themselves.
This link will take you to where you can find information on the various NCCI's that are associated with the clauses within the Eurocodes

Eurocode Design Software
This link will take you to a page on the BCSA's website where you can find some software to aid design to the Eurocodes


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Tata Steel sections interactive "blue book"

Contains design information in accordance with the relevant parts of both BS EN 1993-1-1 and BS 5950.

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